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Universal buggy board Easy X Rider v1 with a selection of cushions

Brand:: Easy X Rider
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129.00 EUR

Universal Easy X Rider v1 is a 2in1 buggy board that can be used as a sitting and standing ride-on board. Thanks to universal rigid fixing it fits almost all strollers. Easy X Rider is installed on the bottom, back bar (usually that’s where the breaks are). Buggy board allows riding in sitting position or standing position, as you can detach the seat. It includes comfortable seat with 3-point seatbelts, soft ashen cushion, non-slip platform, glowing wheels with amortisation, adapters and a belt to lift up the whole board. It is dedicated for children weighting maximum 25 kg. Easy X Rider will provide safety and comfort for your older child. Buggy board is an invaluable benefit on the long walks, when the child is too tired and its legs hurt. Buggy board eases walks with older siblings and running errands.

Advantages of universal buggy boards Easy X Rider 2in1:

1. Simple and fast way of assembling with a possibility of regulation of height, distance and width of adapters, which provide adjusting to every stroller.

2. Regulated seat with a comfortable backrest and 3-point seatbelts.

3. Convenient, adjustable handle for child to hold.

4. Glowing wheels with amortisation that provides comfort and safety in every weather and on every surface.

5. Non-slip platform with a detachable seat, so the buggy board can be a standing buggy board.

6. Attaching and detaching buggy board takes only 5 sec.

7. It fits around 95% of strollers thanks to universal adapters.

8. Comfortable, soft cushion for the seat is included.

Before buying remember to choose a cushion pattern.

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