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Easy X Rider

Easy X Rider is a Swedish brand of universal buggy board for prams. It has been on the Scandinavian market for over 10 years. In Poland, it has been enjoying great popularity since 2017. Universal buggy board Easy X Rider to buggy board 2in1 can be sitting or standing buggy board. Thanks to universal adapters available in two types: rigid (hook type) and telescopic, it fits all models of prams. Buggy board allows you to ride in a sitting or standing position, thanks to the possibility of dismantling the seat. It consists of a comfortable seat with 3-point straps, a gray or waterproof soft cushion, a non-slip platform, luminescent cushioned wheels and a belt that can be used to raise the whole. For children over 15 months of age and weighing a maximum of 25 kg. The Easy X Rider brand offers 5 sitting 2-in-1 buggy boards as well as standing buggy models. Winner of prestigious awards: the 17th edition of the Child Friendly World competition, Top Choice Creative Child Magazine 2012.


Ogobolli is a brand that came to Poland straight from the United States, and its top product is the Ogobolli sensory teether, which has already become a hit not only in the USA, but also in Denmark, as well as in Poland. Ogobolli is a ball that should be the first toy of every child: teaches how to hold, eye-hand work, sensory stimulates, helps soothe itchy gums during teething, and above all is a great toy. The Ogobolli Sensory Teether was designed and patented in the USA. WINNER: in the 17th edition of the Child Friendly World competition in the Fun category and nominated in the 0-3 Toy category at the International Kids' Time Fair in Kielce.


This is a Scandinavian brand that produces: sleeping bags, muffs and lambskin inserts as well as sleeping bags and fleece muffs. Number 2 on the Swedish market in terms of popularity. B.O.Z.Z accessories are products that will meet the expectations of every most demanding parent. They are practical, made elegantly, and above all warm and adaptable to weather conditions.

Lil' Sidekick

Is a brand that was founded in the United States and its products are also produced in the USA. Her founder and originator is the mother of two boys - Amy. She created all products with her children in mind and an idea how to make life easier. Pendants of this brand is a product that will win the heart of every parent and, above all, make it easier. Lil 'Sidekick is a simple to use and versatile product. We will attach it to everything and hang everything from a pencil to a drinking cup!


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