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The official distributor in Poland: a universal buggy board for the Easy X Rider 2in1 stroller (seat + platform), Swedish sleeping bags from B.O.Z.Z, American sensory sensors of teethers and rattles OgoBolli and pins Lil' Sidekick.

OMADE is a brand that was born out of the need of the heart. This is a brand created by parents looking for innovative and universal solutions. Is a brand that was created in response to the needs of their children. Each product that is in our offer has been tested by ourselves and our children. These are products that we all love.


In 2016, my pregnant wife dug up "Polish internet" in search of a sitting extra bed, because she wanted our older daughter to rest while sitting on the long walks that we love. Unfortunately, she did not find such a product. She asked my dad living in Sweden for help. It was he who brought us, or actually his daughter, buugy board - Easy X Rider, which not only became our family hit, but also passers-by who showed her with their fingers or asked directly where we bought the extra bed. From this need, an idea arose for the sale of the Easy X Rider buggy board in Poland, as well as B.O.Z.Z. and booster cushions - my wife's idea. After the birth of our younger daughter, we came across Ogobolli sensory teethers and Lil 'Sidekick pendants, in which not only our younger daughter fell in love, but also our entire family.


All products that are in our store are products without which we parents of two small children cannot imagine life and which "saved our lives" more than once.

- Universal buggy board for Easy X Rider stroller is a series of products created for parents of children with a small age difference. It is a solution that will make it easier for everyone to walk with two babies, settle everyday matters or go to the doctor. Children and their parents around the world have fallen in love with the Easy X Rider buggy board. They are universal products, matching every stroller, equipped with a three-point seat belt, glowing cushioned wheels and even a rotating steering wheel!

- Ogobolli's sensory teethers and rattles are products created for babies. They can be given immediately after birth. They are light, pleasant to the touch and thanks to their openwork construction with large holes are ideal for learning grip. When the first teeth appear, they can serve as a teether. Teether can be put in the fridge, which will bring relief to the baby in the full teething stage.

- Lamb wool insoles are extremely popular in the Scandinavian countries and Germany. Contrary to appearances, the insoles can be used in any weather, because thermoregulation is a property of lamb's wool. These inserts fit the gondola, stroller and car seat.

- B.O.Z.Z sleeping bags are perfect products for the winter. They were designed in Sweden to protect every baby from the cold. They are sewn from water-, wind-, snow-resistant nylon, lined with warm fleece or lamb's wool inside. They fit any model of stroller and car seat.

- Lil 'Sidekick pendants are products that make our parents' life easier. The pendant has been designed to fasten literally everything: a crayon, your favorite cuddly toy, a cup or a spoon. Importantly, we attach it to everything: a pram headband, a sling, a headscarf or a car seat.


- In 2019, the Easy X Rider buugy board and OgoBolli sensory teethers received the main prize in the 17th edition of the Child Friendly World competition.

- In February 2019, OgoBolli sensory teethers were also nominated in the 0-3 toy category at the International Kids' Time Fair in Kielce.

- In 2012, the Easy X Rider buggy board received the prestigious Top Christmas Tree Award.



All products that we offer are products that we use. These are safe products with certificates min. Intertek, CE or EN 71, innovative, universal and created for the youngest and their parents. We provide professional advice in choosing the perfect Easy X Rider bed model. We provide after-sales service and repair. We create and design accessories for the Easy X Rider buggy ourselves, taking care of every detail. All shipments are made expressly, and each of our products is unique.


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